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Marcelo - The Owner

My name is Marcelo, I’m Brazilian but I’ve lived in Portugal since 2017. I am a person who is always looking for peace and love, helping others and giving my best in any kind of situation.
I love to travel and I am passionate about surfing, yoga, reading and sports in general.

I left Brazil, my family and friends, country and people I love so much, in search of a simpler and safer life, where I could have more time to dedicate to the things that bring me quality of life, and now I enjoy this choice and thank you for all the achievements so far. Pure life!

The Hostel

The opportunity to open the hostel appeared only 1 month after arriving in Portugal, where we found the place in an almost abandoned state and managed, with much dedication and delivery, to open the doors to receive the first guests after 1 month in the midst of hard work.

Eternally grateful to Glaucia, Severino, Andy and Irina for the beautiful work together.

Special thanks also to everyone who contributed in some way to our evolution, from friends who helped with the decoration and especially the volunteers who always give their best to maintain the mystical harmony we seek.

Natural Mystic Hostel view from the above on the ocean


Estrada Florestal, 153c
Casa 23
Costa da Caparica 2825-412


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